The Villigst Research Network on National Socialism, Racism and
Antisemitism was established in September 2000 by doctoral fellows of the Protestant Academic Foundation (Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V. Villigst) working on Holocaust and genocide. In November 2003 the network was officially registered as an association.

The Villigst Research Network has an interdisciplinary approach dedicated to a broad range of themes. Its current members have diverse educational and professional backgrounds: History, Literature, Musicology, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Law and Sociology.

The Villigst Research Network collaborates/cooperates closely with the Protestant Academic Foundation. These structural and organisational links ensure scholarly, philosophical, political and artistic exchange regarding research on the history and impact of National Socialism, racism and antisemitism.

The objective of the association is the advancement of academic research on the development, structure, significance and impact of National Socialism, Racism and antisemitism as well as support and intensification of the Protestant Academic Foundation’s research funding, particularly in the fields of Holocaust and antisemitism studies.

The network aspires to supra-regional and international collaboration with individuals as well as other academic (public and private) bodies and organisations working on the same issues.

To realise these aims the network organises academic workshops and research projects and supports and releases academic publications on the issues mentioned above.

The network always welcomes new members.